That this can be so strongly suggests that the TM domain in BclXL

That this is certainly so strongly suggests the TM domain in BclXL is simply not freely exposed to resolution but rather associates with the rest with the protein in the method that inhibits the binding of BH ligands. In light with the knowledge that the TM domain of the BclW repressor occupies the canonical hydrophobic groove, it may be argued that a equivalent situation prevails while in the situation of BclXL and that the binding of BH ligands competes with the dissociation of TM domain in the canonical hydrophobic groove. Together with dramatic variations observed in the binding affinities of a variety of BH peptides towards BclXL FL and BclXL dTM constructs, their intermolecular association is additionally marked by distinct underlying thermodynamic forces. Hence, despite the fact that binding of a variety of BH ligands to the BclXL FL construct is predominantly driven by favorable enthalpic components accompanied by entropic penalty, binding on the BclXL dTM construct is favored by each enthalpic and entropic improvements .
These salient observations indicate the solvation of hydrophobic TM domain following the recruitment of BH ligands from the canonical hydrophobic groove almost certainly mitigates the conformational entropy of BclXL. We feel that this kind of reduction in conformational dynamics could aid or prime BclXL for subsequent insertion intoMOM so as to permit it to interfere with the formation of mitochondrial pores crucial to the release of apoptogenic Entinostat selleckchem elements in to the cytosol. Our data exquisitely illustrate how thermodynamics could gauge the determination of the cell to reside or die. Importantly, earlier scientific studies propose that upon insertion into MOM, repressors undergo significant conformational change selleckchem inhibitor and shed their ability to hold onto BH ligands in what continues to be termed the hitand run mechanism To test the validity of this hypothesis even more, we also measured the binding of various BH peptides to BclXL FL and BclXL dTM constructs pre equilibrated with DMPC DHPC bicelles as a mimetic for MOM making use of ITC .
Our information reveal that the BH peptides really don’t understand BclXL inside bicelles in the presence or absence of TM domain and thereby additional corroborate the hit and run model of the binding of repressors to their BH ligands preceding their insertion into MOM. Provided that we have now relied right here on isolated BH peptides to mimic intact Bid, Lousy, and Bax, caution is warranted in the BH domains may perhaps depart from their physiological conduct IOX2 selleck when handled as isolated peptides because of the loss of neighborhood conformational constraints they could possibly be topic to from the context of full length proteins. Nevertheless, it really is well documented that Bid, Lousy, and Bax interact with apoptotic repressors principally through their BH domains.

Aurora kinase B D construction generation implementing comparativ

Aurora kinase B D framework generation using comparative modeling way Aurora kinase B plays a crucial role in chemogenomic approaches, however the D framework within the protein is not determined experimentally; therefore we produced homology model for human Aurora kinase B. The structure of Xenopus laevis Aurora kinase B was selected being a most beneficial template for human Aurora kinase B which has shown the top sequence identity of percentage. Asp, Glu and Lys are the important amino acids accountable to the catalytic exercise in the two template and human Aurora kinase B . The sequence alignment amongst the template and target protein by ClustalW plan . Inhibitor reviews the cartoon representation of human Aurora kinase B structure, which obviously displays the N and C terminal domains as well as ATP binding cleft, was uncovered involving these two domains. All b sheets plus a helices and the backbone construction resembling exactly the same alignment that had been found in Xenopus laevis Aurora kinase B. Leu, Glu and Asp plays a significant position in its function, they’re the conserved residues in Aurora kinase B.
Ala, Glu, Glu, Lys and Ala, Glu, Glu, Lys will be the significant amino acids present from the template and target proteins, respectively. The ultimate model was validated working with the PROCHECK, to look for deviations from normal protein conformational parameters Validation of homology model Ramachandran?s plot is really a protein construction validation tool for checking the comprehensive residue by residue stereo chemical quality of a protein framework Raf Inhibitors . The phi and psi distribution of Ramachandran?s plot of non glycine, non proline residues are summarized in Fig A good homology model will need to have of your residues while in the favorable area, in our homology model . within the residues had been present in favored and allowed regions also as by using a relative very low percentage of residues owning common torsion angles which affirms that human Aurora kinase B model was successfully predicted as precise.
None within the energetic website residues are current in the disallowed region as well as every one of the bond distances and angles lie inside the allowable range about that Daunorubicin standard dictionary values which indicated that Aurora kinase B model is reasonably good in geometry and stereochemistry. The root mean square deviation concerning the template plus the target framework is . . The primary chain parameters plot for that model is proven in Inhibitor which signifies that the structure compares with very well refined structures at a equivalent resolution. The 6 properties plotted: Ramachandran?s plot excellent, peptide bond planarity, poor non bonded interactions, Ca tetrahedral distorsion, primary chain hydrogen bond vitality as well as the overall G component which measures the overall normality on the structure.

Malondialdehyde assay The degree of lipid peroxidation in culture

Malondialdehyde assay The degree of lipid peroxidation in culture media have been assessed based on response with thiobarbituric acid at C using a commercially obtainable kit , in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Absorbance was established using a spectrophotometer at nm wavelength. The MDA level was expressed as nmol ml. Experiments had been repeated in independent HIMEC cultures. Superoxide dismutase assay SOD activitywas measured through the xanthine xanthine oxidasemethod . Using a Colorimetric ELISA assay kit the action of SODwasmeasured according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The absorbance of your chromogen formation item was measured at nm. A single unit of SOD action was defined because the enzyme concentration essential for your inhibition of chromogen production by in min below the assay disorders. The activity of SODwas expressed as units mg of protein. Experiments were repeated in independent HIMEC cultures. HIMECs had been grown to subconfluence and irradiated or was left un irradiated. Then right after h the cells had been handled with diverse doses of EUK and incubated at C for days.
Following staining with trypan blue, five random high electrical power fields inside the HIMEC monolayers had been counted implementing an ocular grid, as previously described . For your cell death assay, HIMEC had been taken care of and grown as over and also the cells had been washed and after that fixed in paraformaldehyde. Using a TdT mediated dUTP nick finish labeling assay kit according to manufacturer’s instruction the percentage of apoptotic cells was Motesanib selleckchem evaluated. Experiments have been repeated in independent HIMEC cultures. Matrigel? in vitro tube formation assay Endothelial tube formation was carried out selleckchem inhibitor utilizing Matrigel?, as described previously . Briefly, effectively plates were coated with l of medium containing mg mlMatrigel?. Irradiated HIMECswere resuspended in growth medium and seeded at a density of . One particular h following irradiation, separate wells of HIMEC obtained a variety of concentration of EUK . HIMEC tube formation followed by irradiationwith orwithout EUK onMatrigel ?was assessed immediately after h and endothelial tube formationwas enumerated, 5 high energy fields per condition have been examined and experiments have been repeated in independent HIMEC cultures.
Control cells remained free of charge of irradiation and EUK remedy. Cell migration assay To assess the effect of EUK on HIMEC migration following irradiation, a microscopic wounding assay was carried out as described earlier . In brief, confluentmonolayer of HIMECwas scraped and removed along a straight line, as well as the remaining monolayer was then incubated with development medium , then cells have been irradiated. A single hour just after irradiation the cells were treated with various concentrations of EUK or left Tubastatin A kinase inhibitor untreated. The migration of HIMEC throughout the demarcation linewasmonitored implementing an invertedmicroscope. At every time level , random fields by using an ocular grid had been counted inside a blinded trend.

As mentioned in , angiogenesis is initiated most often from capil

As discussed in , angiogenesis is initiated most normally from capillaries wealthy in pericytes. Indeed they present the thesis that throughout angiogenesis, newly formed capillaries are formed by the two endothelial cells and pericytes. Referring to Chem in , the mechanism to the onset of angiogenesis was the path ! ! . Here, we incorporate the path ! ! ! of Chem . In the mathematical sense, the former path could very well be believed of as being a subpath in the latter path. Then again, the angiogenic components generated through the tumor are usually not always precisely the same as people produced through the MCs in response on the tumor necrotic things . On this way, we handle the more contribution to angiogenesis through tumor derived development elements which are chemotactic for macrophages likewise as addressing the mediating position of pericytes. The model we present right here displays that the onset of angiogenesis also leads to a bimodal density distribution in 3 within the big cell sorts, endothelial cells, PCs and MCs, that are involved in capillary advancement and that are regarded here. As Folkman suggests, these paths is often viewed as factors of attacks on angiogenesis in tumor growth.
On this paper, we also propose two mechanisms for that action of angiostatic agents to inhibit tumor development by inhibiting the onset of angiogenesis. The rough idea is that in response to angiostatic agents, endothelial cells generate protease inhibitors which deactivate the protease formed by the endothelial cells in response to TAF. The protease just isn’t destroyed synthetic peptide selleckchem but rather is prevented from functioning as being a catalyst to the degradation within the basel lamina. The biology of tumor angiogenesis is incredibly complex and as such it is vital to proceed in a logical trend. That’s, it is vital to develop the model in stages and also to assemble on the biological and biochemical observations of cellular response to growth factors. Mathematical modeling of angiogenesis has been discussed by numerous authors and we refer the reader to for latest overviews. Many of the facets of angiogenesis operate has mainly concerned the development of capillary branches and anastamosis within the ECM and do not address, in general, the initiation of capillary sprout formation.
This onset of sprout formation would be the main target of our research here. However, Ritonavir we remark that the early development of pre initiated capillary sprouts has been modeled in . In that model, the authors concentrated within the part of haptotaxis to regulate cell movement attributable to the release of ?bronectin, which increases the cell to matrix adhesiveness and serves like a provisional matrix for subsequent growth and migration. That model is determined by response di.usion mechanisms and capillary sprout development is accounted for by Turing di.usion driven instability. The modeling approach formulated on this paper, is, for the very best of our understanding, completely new.

Cells were thenwashed twice with Krebs HEPES buffer ahead of cell

Cells were thenwashed twice with Krebs HEPES buffer prior to cell death was measured through epifluorescence microscopy. Photos of Hoechst and Sytox orange had been collected making use of the excitation filters , and and emission filters , and , respectively. Reduction of cell viability, indicated by nuclear uptake of Sytox orange in Hoechst constructive cells, was measured using an automated cell counting assay . Antagonists had been extra min before ABT , and were included for your duration with the experiment. For experiments investigating the result of DRP KA expression on ABT mediated cell death, neurons were transfected with eGFP tagged Drp KA at DiV. Following ABT therapy, eGFP Drp KA expressing neurons were recognized via epifluorescence microscopy and cell death measured as over. Reduction of cell viability in eGFP Drp KA expressing neuronswas then compared to the surrounding non transfected neurons during the identical culture dish Confocal imaging of mitochondrial fragmentation At DIV, neurons have been transfected with plasmids expressing eGFP Bax, eGFPDrp , eGFP Drp KA, mitochondrial targeted DsRed , or CFP Bid YFP .
A complete of mg DNA and ml Lipofectamine was extra to cells for h, in advance of medium was replaced. Neurons had been then mounted on a Zeiss LSM confocal microscope Tubastatin A and maintained at C in KHB. Time lapse confocal photos were then taken at a frame price of e min per z series using a goal as indicated from the text. Neurons expressing mtDsRed have been enthusiastic at nm and emissions collected above nm eGFP and YFP pictures were energized at nm and collected amongst and nm D reconstructions of neurons had been created working with volume rendering software package Western blotting selleckchem inhibitor Cerebellar granule neurons have been washed in phosphate buffered saline then lysed in an ice cold RIPA buffer supplemented with protease inhibitor cocktail . Cells were then sonicated for s, centrifuged for min and stored at C until finally expected. Protein concentrations had been determined utilizing a Bradford protein assay . Samples were heated to C for min and mg of protein was loaded onto a polyacrylamide gel for electrophoresis.
Separated protein bands were then transferred to a nitrocellulose membrane , and blotted that has a distinct antibody for cleaved caspase , or GAPDH . Chemiluminescence was order PS-341 selleck chemicals detected applying ECL plus and analysed employing Picture J software. For measurements of mitochondrial cytochrome C release, granule neurons had been collected implementing . trypsin . mM EDTA, centrifuged at g for min, after which lysed for min on ice , pH The cells were centrifuged at rpm at C for min as well as supernatant collected. A total of mg of protein was loaded onto a polyacrylamide gel. Cytochrome C was recognized using a rabbit anti cytochrome C antibody . To assess protein levels of Bax, Bid and Bim after siRNA down regulation , rat hippocampal neurons were washed occasions with PBS then lysed with ml of loading buffer .

This serineethreonine kinase is mostly activated in response to a

This serineethreonine kinase is primarily activated in response to an increase during the AMP ATP ratio within the cell and it is actually phosphorylated at Thr while in the catalytic subunit by upstream kinases such as Liver Kinase B or calmodulin dependent protein kinase kinase beta . Additionally, AMPK may also be activated by a variety of pharmacological agents, like metformin which is applied during the therapy of metabolic ailments such as style diabetes and obesity . AMPK activation reprograms cellular metabolism and enforces metabolic checkpoints by acting on mTOR complex , p and other molecules . Particularly, AMPK acts to restore cellular power balance by marketing ATP making processes, such as fatty acid beta oxidation, and simultaneously by inhibiting ATP consuming processes, such as fatty acid synthesis, gluconeogenesis and protein synthesis. That is initially attained by direct phosphorylation of some critical metabolic enzymes and subsequently by modulation of gene expression . Decoding substrates of AMPK which have roles within the different cellular processes managed by this kinase is known as a scorching region of investigation in the field. With respect to cancer, several recent scientific studies in cell culture models and in vivo have shown that development of tumor cell lines can be inhibited by AMPK activation, highlighting as this kinase might be a cancer related druggable target.
In particular, combination of chemotherapy with metformin is more powerful than chemotherapy to suppress tumor growth and also to inhibit metastasis in xenografts of breast, lung and ovarian cancer . Due to the fact AMPK is activated when intracellular levels of ATP decline and intracellular levels of MK-2866 selleck chemicals AMP enhance, as frequently happens in the course of nutrient starvation and hypoxia, a particular level of AMPK activation is generally viewed in reliable tumors , and we also observed AMPK activation inside the peri necrotic regions of management xenografts . In addition, we uncovered that anti angiogenic therapy greater AMPK activation levels in tumors, possibly as a consequence from the dramatic glucose depletion and ATP level exhaustion, as demonstrated by immunohistochemistry evaluation of pAMPK and pACC ranges in tumor xenografts taken care of with anti VEGF .
Our final results are in agreement that has a clinical review that showed that bevacizumab enhanced complete AMPK and pAMPK levels in renal cell carcinoma patients . Additionally, in that examine AMPK activation correlated with longer OS and PFS of taken care of individuals. Tumor cells bearing AMPK deficiency are hypersensitive Imiquimod to vitality pressure inducing agents . Its hence doable that defects of AMPK activation might possibly limit survival of tumor cells underneath glucose starvation and or hypoxia in vitro or anti angiogenic treatment in vivo. Certainly, in preclinical designs very glycolytic cells that failed to activate AMPK produced big necrotic areas following quick term anti VEGF therapy.

These vesicles, even at a higher dose infection, disappeared at l

These vesicles, even at a high dose infection, disappeared at later on instances p.i when virus infection proceeded during the majority of cells, suggesting an anti apoptotic response on virus infection . The degree of apoptosis observed seems, nonetheless, to get cell line and CIV dose dependent, as at an equal dose the apoptotic response in CfT cells seems to be quite a bit more powerful than in SPC BM cells. The vesicles observed early immediately after CIV infection are unique from individuals observed for RSBIV, where apoptotic vesicles are formed late in infection likewise, a practice that could facilitate cell to cell dissemination of progeny virions within the host . This is constant together with the absence of any putative anti apoptotic genes in RSBIV. In baculovirus infections apoptosis can also be triggered by early too as late events . While in the recent review, we targeted within the query if CIV features a functional anti apoptosis technique dependant on the expression of functional anti apoptotic genes. IAPs are characterized from the presence of a single to three baculovirus iap repeat domains with the amino terminus and often a CHC RING finger domain at the carboxy terminus .
All active baculovirus iap genes determined until eventually now incorporate not less than these two conserved domains, but not all proteins that have a BIR domain inhibit apoptosis. CIV open reading through frame R has a BIR domain and a RING finger domain, while L and L contain only a RING finger domain . We have now not tested the CIV L and L genes, but anticipate that they’re not practical as IAPs given that they inhibitor screening lack BIR domains. CIV stands out as the only iridovirus virus known containing putative iap genes in its genome and CIV ORF R would be the only iridovirus gene thus far with a BIR domain. Other iridoviruses may have other mechanisms to counteract apoptosis, for instance the vertebrate grouper iridovirus , wherever a B cell lymphoma like gene prevents apoptosis . The immediate early transcription within the CIV iap gene is in agreement with current studies in CfT cells suggesting the presence of an early anti apoptotic perform on CIV infection . In this regard this CIV iap gene behaves in the similar vogue as iap gene loved ones in baculoviruses, for example AgMNPV iap .
The anti apoptotic gene bcl recognized in GIV, is also expressed in the instant early phase of infection . Transient expression assays performed in SPC BM and Sf cells showed that selleckchem inhibitor in the two cases CIV IAP was capable to block apoptosis induced by actinomycin D . The difference observed in CIV IAP action while in the two cell lines might possibly be as a result of variations in expression degree or in variations in affinity for IAP antagonists in these Sodium Monofluorophosphate concentration selleck cell lines. The pivotal position of the CIV iap gene during the anti apoptotic response on CIV infection of SPC BM cells was more demonstrated by RNA interference experiments. Only when dsRNA particular for CIV R was applied, a powerful apoptotic response was viewed .

Having said that, multivariate analysis utilizing the Cox regress

Having said that, multivariate analysis making use of the Cox regression model adjusted to optimal surgery did not show Aurora B as an independent prognostic issue for PFS and OS . Tumors with AURKA gene amplification showed an elevated PFS when compared with these tumors with out AURKA gene amplification, while this difference was not statistically significant . Patients with AURKA gene amplification showed a decreased OS in comparison with those patients with out AURKA gene amplification. On the other hand, these variations have been not statistically substantial Discussion Inside the present study, we’ve got analyzed the prognostic worth of your expression of Aurora kinases A and B at the DNA and protein levels inside a series of ovarian carcinomas homogeneously treated using a mixture of surgery and carboplatin taxane primarily based chemotherapy. The expression and mutational status of TP and also the proliferation index were also assessed in these circumstances. In our study of ovarian cancer specimens showed expression of Aurora A protein.
There have been no statistically substantial variations in Aurora A protein expression amongst the different histopathological sorts of ovarian carcinomas. These outcomes are in agreement with these previously reported in ovarian carcinoma that showed that expression of Aurora A protein is observed in to of those tumors . AURKA gene amplification was detected in . of ovarian carcinomas examined. Earlier purchase MK 801 kinase inhibitor research reported that AURKA is amplified in to of ovarian cancer cell lines and primary tumors . In our series of instances without having gene amplification showed expression of your protein, suggesting that the expression of Aurora A is likely to be regulated not merely by gene amplification but additionally by other mechanisms which include transcriptional activation and or suppression of protein degradation, because it has been demonstrated in preceding studies . Our study demonstrated that Aurora B is frequently expressed in ovarian carcinomas .
Aurora B is reported to kind complexes with inner centromere protein and survivin, and these complexes are thought to become involved inside the regulation of chromosome alignment, segregation, and cytokinesis . Within the present study, the immunohistochemical Patupilone expression of Aurora B was observed predominantly within the nucleus. Given that current studies have identified the histone H protein as a crucial substrate of Aurora B kinase , nuclear localization of Aurora B seems functionally essential. In addition, in our situations, mitotic cells were optimistic for Aurora B, indicating the functional involvement of Aurora B in the replication on the tumor cells. The relationship among Aurora A and p is definitely an critical element in carcinogenesis. It has been reported that p interacts with Aurora A and suppresses its oncogenic activity inside a transactivation independent manner .

This FGF induced migration could also be inhibited by inhibitors

This FGF induced migration could also be inhibited by inhibitors of each plasmin and metalloproteinases also as antibodies to tPA and kind I and IV collagenase, demonstrating that each tPA, plasmin, and precise metalloproteinases are involved with the bFGF induced invasion connected with angiogenesis Vascular Endothelial Development Component Vascular The vascular endothelial development factor loved ones of proteins, also known as vascular permeability component , exists as dimeric glycoproteins of M , K K that have an impact on capillary permeability, and stimulate endothelial cell growth in vitro, and angiogenesis in vivo . Vascular endothelial development factor is characterized in several tumors of various species , and it is structurally related to PDGF with identity in between VEGF and the PDGF B chain. Vascular endothelial development issue, like PDGF, can bind heparin and might be eluted off at minimal salt . Monoclonal antibodies to VEGF inhibited the development of tumors in nude mice . Four splice variants of VEGF could exist in four several homodimeric molecular species .
A range of transformed cell lines express the VEGF mRNA and secrete VEGF . In siru hybridization studies show large ranges of VEGF mRNA in hugely vascularized glioblastoma multiforme and capillary hemangioblastoma . Monoclonal antibodies capable of blocking VEGF induced angiogenesis in uiuo and in uitro have been applied to assess the effect of VEGF on tumor development Interleukin Interleukin is usually a cytokine associated with leukocyte vascular endothelial cell interactions this kind of as Sunitinib selleck chemicals the invasion of neutrophils by a vessel wall model viaP integrin attachment , which additional not long ago has been proven to get angiogenic properties . It has also been implicated in angiogenic illness selleckchem inhibitor states this kind of as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis . Indeed, the rheumatoid synovium is actually a important source of IL . Much like other angiogenic aspects, IL was shown to bind heparin and also to have potent angiogenic exercise when implanted in to the rat cornea .
In addition, it induced proliferation and chemotaxis of human endothelial cells . Then again, whereas ng of IL induced corneal vascularization, ng didn’t induce substantial angiogenesis on this model, suggesting Avanafil selleckchem that in areas exactly where high concentrations of IL are made neovascularization may not arise . Differing dose dependent actions of IL have also been demonstrated for neutrophil chemotaxis. Hence, high ranges of IL induce neutrophil chemotaxis but minimal ranges result in selective lymphocyte chemotaxis . In assistance with the idea that IL may possibly have a direct role as an inducer of neovascularization, scientific studies have proven that recombinant IL can induce endothelial chemotaxis and proliferation . These findings increase the probability that TNF a or IL B induced angiogenesis in the cornea may perhaps be mediated by induction of endogenous IL .

It has been properly acknowledged that modification of DNA methyl

It has been nicely recognized that modification of DNA methylation and or histone modification codes can cause reactivation of silenced genes. The reversible nature of epigenetic adjustments in cancer cells by inhibitory agents has been explored as being a new avenue for cancer treatment. Histone deacetylase inhibitors were just lately uncovered for being well tolerated in patients with hematologic and solid malignancies . Several classes of HDAC inhibitors exist, plus they show varied effects on cellular functions. These results involve cell cycle arrest, initiation of differentiation, chromatin remodeling, inhibition of angiogenesis, and apoptosis induction . A lot of these effects were initially believed to get resulting from hyperacetylation of histones and activation of previously silenced genes. Nonetheless, it appears that these agents induce hyperacetylation of a variety of proteins, the topic of recent research . It has been suggested the tumor specificity of those agents is related to their capability to induce apoptosis .
Usual cells are sensitive to apoptotic signals this kind of as DNA damage and DNA fix deficiency. Defects in apoptotic pathways are thought to be contributing aspect in tumorigenesis and in the resistance of cancer cells to a variety of therapeutic Janus Kinase inhibitor agents. HDAC inhibitors might possibly trigger cells death by restoring the integrity of apoptotic pathways that have been blocked or suppressed in cancers. Having said that, relatively handful of scientific studies have investigated the apoptotic pathways which might be activated by HDAC inhibitors in endometrial cancer, and lots of factors selleckchem inhibitor from the HDAC results in endometrial cancer cells stay unknown. Defining these mechanisms is notably important provided that defects in caspase activation and apoptosis have already been linked to chemoresistance . On this report we show the HDAC inhibitors oxamflatin and HDAC inhibitor appreciably inhibit the development of endometrial cancer cells. In addition, these agents are discovered to induce apoptosis in each Sort I and Sort II endometrial carcinomas.
The pathways by which apoptosis is induced is dependent about the particular drug and cell lines used. Nevertheless, the two the mitochondrial and death receptor pathways seem to get activated when oxamflatin is administered to serous endometrial cancer cells. This dual activation could account for your improved efficacy observed with administration of this agent. Supplies and solutions Cell lines and reagents The human endometrial serous cancer Ark cell line was generously provided by Dr. Alessandro Rigosertib Santi . These cells have been isolated from African American individuals harboring sophisticated stage uterine serous papillary carcinoma . The nicely differentiated human endometrioid cancer Ishikawa cell line was generously offered by Dr. Masato Nishida .