PCR conditions were 94°C for 3 min, followed by 40 cycles of DNA

PCR conditions were 94°C for 3 min, followed by 40 cycles of DNA amplification

(45 s at AZD2281 chemical structure 94°C, 1 min at 61°C, and 1 min 30 s at 72°C) and 8 min incubation at 72°C. PCR products were analyzed on 1.2% (w/v) agarose gels by electrophoresis at a constant voltage (2 V/cm). The non-structural protein gene nsP3, the capsid proteins genes and 3’-UTR sequences were cloned and sequenced. Sequence analysis and phylogenetic comparisons Sequence data were analyzed using computer programs such as DNAMAN and DNASTAR. Phylogenetic analyses were performed by the neighbor-joining method using MEGA (version 5.05; http://​www.​megasoftware.​net/​). Previously published GETV sequences used in this study include sequences YN08 isolates MM2021 (from Malaysia, GenBank:AF339484), MAG (from Russia, EF631998), ALPV_M1 x(from China, EF011023), GETV_M1 (from China Hainan, EU015061), MPR (MPR from Mongolia, EF631999), S_KOREA (from South Korea, AY702913), HB0234(from China Hebei, EU015062), YN0540 (from China Yunan, EU015063), and SAGV (Sagiyama virus from Japan, AB032553). Acknowledgments We thank Ms. Ming Adriamycin order Qing for her administrative assistance. This work was financially sponsored by the key selleck compound program (no. U1036601 ) and the youth fund program(no. 81101618) from the National Natural Science

Foundation of China. References 1. Weaver SC: Host range, amplification and arboviral disease emergence. Arch Virol Suppl 2005, 19:33–44.PubMed 2. Pfeffer M, Kinney RM, Kaaden OR: The alphavirus 3′-nontranslated region: size heterogeneity and arrangement of repeated sequence elements. Virology 1998,240(1):100–108.PubMedCrossRef 3. Liu H, Gao X, Liang G: Newly recognized mosquito-associated viruses in mainland China, in the last two decades. Virol J 2011,8(1):68.PubMedCrossRef 4. Kanamitsu M, Taniguchi K, Urasawa S, Ogata T, Wada Y, Wada Y, Saroso JS: Geographic distribution of arbovirus antibodies in indigenous human populations in the Indo-Australian

archipelago. Am J Trop Med Hyg 1979,28(2):351–363.PubMed 5. Li XD, Qiu Guanylate cyclase 2C FX, Yang H, Rao YN, Calisher CH: Isolation of Getah virus from mosquitos collected on Hainan Island, China, and results of a serosurvey. Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health 1992,23(4):730–734.PubMed 6. Marchette NJ, Rudnick A, Garcia R: Alphaviruses in Peninsular Malaysia: II. Serological evidence of human infection. Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health 1980,11(1):14–23.PubMed 7. Allander T, Tammi MT, Eriksson M, Bjerkner A, Tiveljung-Lindell A, Andersson B: Cloning of a human parvovirus by molecular screening of respiratory tract samples. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2005,102(36):12891–12896.PubMedCrossRef 8. van der Hoek L, Pyrc K, Jebbink MF, Vermeulen-Oost W, Berkhout RJ, Wolthers KC, Wertheim-van Dillen PM, Kaandorp J, Spaargaren J, Berkhout B: Identification of a new human coronavirus. Nat Med 2004,10(4):368–373.PubMedCrossRef 9.

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