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Effec of 8 UH DPA T al e gaef ter vehicle or 8 OH DPA T pretreatment As in untreated animals , SOH DPAT challenge caused a time dependent decrease in 5 HT release in the control and in all S OH DPAT pretreated groups . Furthermore, there was no significant difference between the maximum decrease in release attained , neither was there any change in the overall response to S OH DPAT charienge regardless of the pretreatment dose . 3.3. Effect of BMY 7378 challenge after Lsehicle or 8 OH DPAT pretreatment BMY 7378 reduced the overall 5 HT output over the 2 h period by a little less than 25 in the controls, with a maximum drop of about 40 seen 40 60 min after the drug . These observations concur with what has been found previously in otherwise treatment naive animals . Pretreatment with 8 OH DPAT did not significantly alter the baseline 5 HT output, nor did it affect the ability of BMY 7378 to decrease the ventral i ampal release of 5 HT . 3.4.
Effect of ipsapirom ci alitwge after cehicle or 8 OH DPAT pr t a? e t As is evident from the data presented in fig. 3 and table 2, ipsapirone administration resuited in a maximum 70 75 reduction in ventral hippocampaf 5 I E output. The overall 5 HT release during the 2 h after injection . As with BMY 7378 pretreated vs. control animals failed to after si i cantfy the baseline kinase inhibitor library for screening selleck output of 5 HT in the ventral hippocampus 24 h later, as estimated by in vivo microdialysis in chforaf hydrate anaesthetised rats, and did not modify the 5 HT release reducing response to 5 HT receptor agonistjpartial agonist challenge under the same conditions. These observations indicate that the functional responsiveness of the 5 HT release controlling 5 HT1, autoreceptors is maintained after bolus 8 OH DPAT pretreatment. In other studies it has been shown that single dose 8 OH DPAT treatment results in a rapid, marked and prolonged attenuation of 5 HT receptor mediated hypothermia and hyperphagic behaviour . Beer et al.
also reported that 24 h after a single dose of OH DPAT there is a selective, 25 reduction in the density of 8 OH DPAT fabelfed sites order Go 6983 kinase inhibitor in the brainstem raphe, as determined by in vitro radioligand binding; no changes were found in frontal cortical or hipp inhibitor chemical structure ampaf tissue. These data were interpreted in terms of a rapid down regulation of 5 HTIA autoreceptor function . In contrast, the present study provides little if any support for this hypothesis. Thus, 8 OH DPAT given as a bolus pretreatment at doses ranging from sub to supramaximally effective levels for activation of somatodendritic 5 HT autore ptors did not significantly after the 5 HT release inhibitory effect of 0.025 mg kg of the 5 HT,A agonist one day later.

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