Although it is clear that

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Although it is clear that

industry is engaged particularly with herpes and chlamydia vaccine development, it is much less so with other STIs, which are at an earlier stage of development. Meeting participants agreed that development of partnerships between the public and private sectors is essential for making STI vaccines a reality. • Explore innovative collaborations among academia, industry, and public health institutions to share knowledge and resources and advance STI vaccine science Y-27632 nmr – Encourage exchange of ideas among institutions in low-, middle- and high-income countries With more than a million people acquiring a new STI every day [3] and [8], innovative new measures are needed to prevent STIs and their often devastating reproductive health consequences. Increasing calls to action

to promote global sexual and reproductive health, including STI prevention [33] and [34], have dovetailed Selleckchem Dabrafenib with global efforts to extend the life-saving benefits of vaccination to all people, through the Decade of Vaccines (2011–2020) [35] and [36] and the Global Vaccine Action Plan [1]. Making progress toward new STI vaccines will be crucial in advancing these two global health efforts. Meeting participants at the 2013 STI Vaccine Technical Consultation outlined a roadmap for accelerating development and introduction of new STI vaccines. This roadmap establishes clear priorities and points of action for catalyzing progress toward these important public health needs, and

the articles published in this special issue of Vaccine provide further details for critical action steps for each individual STI vaccine [5], [10], [17], [21] and [30]. during Epidemiologists, basic scientists, clinical researchers, policy-makers, and other stakeholders in civil society, governments, public health organizations, academia, and industry will all have a role to play in carrying out these important next steps: laying the epidemiologic and scientific groundwork for STI vaccine development, promoting future clinical development and evaluation, and advocating for renewed interest and investment in STI vaccines. Innovative, strategic public-private and other product development partnerships should be sought for STI vaccines, as has been done successfully for development of vaccines against other neglected diseases, such as N. meningitidis serogroup A [37] and [38].

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